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P.A.S.S. - Process Automation Software Solutionr />
This software will help you gain an understanding of Industrial technologies, and how they can enable machine shops, fabricators and businesses to operate more efficiently. P.A.S.S. provides companies with new visibility that supports the ability to:

  • Sense and Act through sensors and actuators
  • Analyze and Visualize using Big Data and Analytics
  • Communicate through a wide variety of networks
  • Scalable & Functionality

Adoption is no longer an option. Machine shops and fabricators are two industries in which P.A.S.S. has massive potential. Consider how many disparate machines-from material handling to finishing-could produce information through Wi-Fi equipped sensors, streaming real-time data to a company's central dashboard where a supervisor can optimize processes. The data could be shared with suppliers, distributors, and customers for their benefit. It's the connectivity on a macro scale and the implications of data access that will allow you to transform your business.

In addition to helping you gain an understanding of how P.A.S.S. will affect and benefit you, this demo will help you learn how P.A.S.S. can improve your operational efficiency through:

  • Increased asset utilization
  • Operational cost reduction
  • Improved worker productivity

P.A.S.S. promises to connect machines and raise the speed of business and industry exponentially.

Manufacturing relies on the expertise of professionals specializing in areas ranging from instrumentation and control to networking. Unfortunately, many specialists fail to understand the flow of process information as it makes its way across the shop floor. Our software describes the flow of data and the transformations that ultimately bring it to the P.A.S.S. system.